Terms & Conditions

Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd.  Terms and Conditions for FIT and Small Groups (less than 12 cabins)

Payment Schedule:
To reserve your Vivada cruise, a 25% deposit of the cruise fare is required within seven days of booking or sooner. Full payment is due no later than 90 days prior to departure. Final documentation will be issued after receipt of final payment and approximately 30 days prior to sailing. All reservations are subject to cancellation if payments are not received by the due date. Reservations made within 90 days of sailing require full payment within seven days of booking or sooner, as specified by Vivada. Payments may be made by bank wire or by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. Foreign credit card service charges may occur depending on your card.

Cancellation terms:
For FIT and small group cancellations,  a  cancellation request  needs to be send in writing to Vivada Cruises. For cancellations of more than 180 days prior to your sailing date, a USD$100 per person non-refundable administrative fee will be charged. This administrative fee may be converted to a future cruise credit valid for travel within 12 months from the date of the cancelled voyage.
Cruise cancellation requests received within 90 days of the sailing date will be subject to the following charges:  (in line with payment schedules)

  • 90 – 61 days prior to the sailing date:
 50% of the total cruise fare per person
  • 60 – 31 days prior to the sailing date:
 75% of the total cruise fare per person
  • 30 – 0 days prior to the sailing date or non-appearance at the time of sailing: 
100% of the total cruise fare per person

Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd.  Terms and Conditions for Charters

For full charter and groups over 12 cabins, the following payment and cancellation policy applies:

  • 25% at time of booking/contracting
  • 50% at 180 days
  • 100% at 90 days

The charterer is advised to acquire cancellation insurance.

Boarding instructions
The charterer should be of 21 years of age. The charterer will be responsible for any kind of damage or loss done during the cruising. The charterer can only over take the cruiser after all the required formalities are done. Cruisers are always handed over to charterer with water tanks and full fuel. Charterer is not allowed to cruise after sundown.

In case of any accidents due to the negligence of the charterer, Vivada cruisers are not responsible and the charterer needs to inform the cruiser about the damage sooner. Charterer is not allowed to repair without the permission of the cruiser.

Cruising delays and returns
Vivada cruisers will not be responsible for any kind of inaccuracy and the cruiser will be made available to the charterer on the due date, provided there is no uncalled circumstance that is beyond any control of the company. In such cases, new craft will be supplied at the earliest or payments will be refunded.

Cruisers must be returned will full fuel and in good condition as per the required time. If there is a failure in fulfilling this requirement, the charterer may require paying fine or additional charges. If the charterer wants to avail cleaning services, additional charges to be paid.

Injury or damage
The charterer must know that there is no insurance cover provided for death, loss, personal injury or any kind of damage to any personal property.

For availing a cruise from Vivada Cruises

A. Cancellation Terms:

  • 25% if cancelled after time of booking/contracting
  • 50% if cancelled 180 days prior to sailing
  • 100% if cancelled 90 days or less prior to sailing

B. Charges for children

  • Children below 5 years of age sail for free.
  • Children, 5 – 10 years of age, sharing the room with adults is 20% of the adult rate.

C. The vessel may be withdrawn at any time due to Govt. requirement or emergencies beyond the control of the ¨Company¨ with or without prior notice. In that case full advance money will be refunded by the ¨Company¨ without any compensation to the ¨User¨.

D. Due to river traffic police restriction or due to any other unavoidable reasons jetty for embarkation and disembarkation may be changed at a short notice.

E. The vessel will be placed at the jetty half an hour before the time for embarkation & again half an hour grace time will be provided beyond the schedule time for disembarkation. If more than half an hour taken for disembarkation, the period for over stay qualify for extra hours (see clause F3). It is to be noted that in this period the vessel WILL NOT CRUISE under any circumstances.

F. This is subject to Jurisdiction of Alipore Court, Kolkata.

  1. Do not insist upon speeding up or stopping of the vessel other than the nominated place / places.
  2. Consumption of liquor will not be allowed without obtaining permits from authorities. The customer is advised to obtain the same. For any violation of serving of liquor the ¨Customer¨ will be held responsible for consequences if any.
  3. Overstay after the schedule disembarkation time will be charged extra as per scheduled rate per hour for every fraction of any hour subject to discretion of the ¨Company¨.
  4. Will maintain the cleanliness of the vessel. No member of the Party will indulge in any unlawful or indecent activity or damage or dirty any part of the vessel or its furniture, linen, crockery and cutlery etc.
  5. The User will pay a refundable Security Deposit of INR10000/-, which will be released the day after the Party after ensuring the degree of any damages to its furniture, linen, crockery and cutleries etc.
  6. The User will help Vivada in maintaining the cleanliness of the river from the point of view of their safety by not discarding any waste materials into it and in maintaining the vessel as a NO PLASTIC ZONE. Any waste materials to be discarded will be put in the baskets kept for the purpose.
  7. The User will exercise full and very careful control of children, particularly from the point of view of their security, so that they are not left unaccompanied or lean over the railings. Their safety on board is entirely the responsibility of the User or their guardians or parents.
  8. The User will arrange for assistance for older persons so that their physical well-being is taken care of and they do not suffer injuries.