Vivada cruises will take you on a heritage and entertainment tour through the river Ganges. The sail in this inland luxury cruiser is all about grandeur, comfort and imbibing the flavor of one of the greatest rivers of the world the Ganges.

The vessel that will be taking you on a sail is the M.V. Paramhamsa, which is 53 meters long and 32 meters broad. The ship flaunts four decks under deck, main deck, first deck, and sun deck. There are 20 deluxe rooms on the main deck and 12 luxury rooms on the first deck.

The 32 spacious rooms in the ship helps the tourists relax and unwind themselves. The comfort factor in these rooms is good with air-conditioning, king-sized beds and attached baths. What more, the rooms also provide you good reading material, telephone connection, an emergency kit and also the tea and coffee maker.

The hospitality of Vivada Cruises is sure to strike a chord in your heart. The chefs aboard the ship will prepare some great dishes for you, like fish, lobsters and other delicious sea food.

M.V. Paramhamsa also brings forth a library, massage parlors and cruise gym, where you can take time out for unwinding and refreshment. If you want to relax, just be at the ship's bar, you will love the experience. Being on the ship, you can keep yourself busy by spending time at the art gallery or by enjoying the entertainment programs aboard.

All of you who have business matters to take care of can make use of the conference rooms, which is equipped with fax facilities and Internet connection.


You will enjoy the international standard services on board the ship and will love the lazy and slow pace of the journey, giving you ample time to look all around and bask in the glory of Nature.

Our itinerary includes the heritage sites of the eastern part of India which lies in the banks of this great river. You will stand a witness to the turning points of history in the battlefield of Plassey where the last Nawab of Bengal Siraj Ud Daulah revolted against the British in 1757. The Hindu Religion was given a new form in Nabadwip by Chaitnya Mahaprabhu. Also soak yourself in the aura of the old colonial French culture at Chandannagore. You will be taken on a lovely sail through Kolkata, Dakshineswar, Belur, Chandennagar, Kalna, Mayapur, Nabadwip and Murshidabad. 

The Ganga river or the Ganges itself is an epitome of religious significance in India. No other river is considered as sacred or is worshipped as extensively as the Ganga in India. The Hindus consider the waters of the Ganges to be holy and a number of Pujas (worship of deities) are conducted with the aide of this holy water. 

The Ganges flows across India only and spreads to no other neighboring country. India is the cradle of some of the greatest civilizations of the world and the mighty Ganges has been a silent spectator to all. Now, its time for you to listen its silence.


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